10 steps to sex

10 STEPS TO SEX from Eureka! Productions.

Documentary, 1 DVD, 10 episodes x 5 to 8 min, with english subtitles.


Do we know about sex and eroticism after traveling around the world? Not yet. After the highlights of the adventures of "Sex Around the World", the documentary "10 Degrees of Sex" put aside exoticism and geography to focus on the sexual act itself, the first spark of desire to the body bonding.

Does our brain make the difference between love and sexual desire? What says our underwear in our status in society? Can the orgasm chemical cocktail make us fall in love?

From Montreal to Melbourne, via New York and Johannesburg. The “10 Degrees of Sex” team was seduced by the thoughts and research of many thinkers, scientists, artists and therapists to uncover the complex mechanical heart, body and spirit at work in our lovemaking.

10 steps to sex is available on Vimeo on demand