Schools like no others

SCHOOLS LIKE NO OTHERS from Eureka! Productions.

Documentary series, 26 episodes x 48 minutes.


What’s your wildest dream? To be a movie star? A stunt double, bullfighter or butler? How about spending a year on a sailing ship or breaking-in Spanish thoroughbreds? If you had to choose fame, fortune or passion, which would you pick?

n this documentary series, we look into the lives of people who are doing what it takes to succeed. From the Beijing Opera and the Royal Military Academy of Belgium to the Slow Food movement’s University of Gastronomic Sciences, the series paints a portrait of the up-and-coming generation and the world where they’re growing up. !In each episode, host reveals the essence of two schools through the eyes of their students, parents, teachers and founders.

Schools like no others is available on Vimeo on demand