The Best Markets on Earth

THE BEST MARKETS ON EARTH from Eureka! Productions.

Documentary series, 21 episodes x 48 min.


From the bustling Doha Falcons Market in Qatar and the Incense and Perfumes Market in Salalah, to the Spiders and Insects Market of Skun in Cambodia ~ the Best Markets on Earth are finally within reach.

This series explores the world of artisans, producers and unusual characters that live and work in some of the most fascinating markets around the globe. With our smart and curious host, we’re transported to foreign lands filled with smells, colors, people and stories and given the rare chance to immerse ourselves in them.

Each episode explores the diversity and unique culture of a different world market, revealing the vital role it plays in its home city and the beating heart of the people who have inhabited it for generations.

The Best Markets on Earth is available on Vimeo on demand