The science behind arts

The Science behind Arts - Teaser from Eureka! Productions.

Documentary series, 8 x 15 minutes, 1 DVD, pre-order.


Dancers that push the boundaries of biomechanics. Architects who defy the laws of gravity. A musician who, nonchalantly, juggles with mathematics... There is a lot of science in arts. And a lot of arts in science. It is this junction between two worlds that The Science Behind Arts wants to explore... from a scientific point of view! Through this series of eight episodes, our journalist leads us from a questioning to a demonstration, from a laboratory to a practical application and from one revelation to another. She does not hesitate to take part in various experiments, or to be a guinea pig to demonstrate the subject. She shows us passionate researchers who every day, are pushing the limits of knowledge. The invigorating tone of our reporter and cheerful rhythm of the episodes are simply irresistible. For sure, they will tickle your thirst for knowledge!