From Montreal

FROM MONTREAL from Eureka! Productions.

Documentary, 1 DVD, 52 minutes, with english subtitles.


Diverse, audacious, original, the mid-2000s marked Montreal as the epicenter of the indie rock music scene. Montreal remains since a reference for music-lovers searching for the next big thing. Aptly titled From Montréal, the film follows the realities of musicians and their promoters in a city divided by its bilingualism. As the gap slowly closes, a much-needed discussion is brought forward regarding two industries existing in one very same city. From the gigantic show at the Place des Festivals given by Arcade Fire to Malajube’s performance in some bar in Texas, to Ariane Moffatt’s homemade studio, From Montréal highlights and celebrates the music-makers of over the last decade.

From Montreal is available on Vimeo on demand

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Best documentary: culture