Sex around the world

SEX AROUND THE WORLD from Eureka! Productions.

Documentary series, 24 x 51 minutes.


Did you know that Australians have more outdoor sex than any other country? Or Brazilians are obsessed with bum shaking? From sexual fantasy to polygamy, this documentary series reveals how the one thing that everyone has in common means something different in every country around the world.

Sex Around The World takes us to fantastic, intimate and often bizarre places, both geographically and sexually. Our host, journalist Philippe Desrosier is on a mission to debunk stereotypes, and learn about cultural ideals and sexual orientations. He excavates the history of these places to better understand the origin and evolution of sexual customs.

What is socially acceptable in one place may be immoral, and sometimes even illegal in others. Taboos, turn-ons and tantric sex - this docu-series reveals all. But the real focus is people, not voyeurism. Unless of course, people enjoy that in your part of the world!

Sex around the world is available on Vimeo on demand